Department of Civil Service

New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program

The New New York Leaders Initiative is designed to renew the connection between the public and the state and ensure that state government is diverse, talented, and prepared to lead for decades to come. One component is the first ever coordinated, statewide Student Intern Program. The New New York Leaders: Student Intern Program brings students into state government where they will be exposed to the work of governing and introduced to the increasingly complex policy challenges facing New York State.

The Student Intern Program attracts talented students from undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges and universities throughout New York State, as well as New York State residents studying elsewhere. Each intern works in a particular area within an executive branch agency or department. While providing hands-on program assistance, interns will interact with government leaders and policy-makers.

The Student Intern Program Internship Portal functions as the primary location where agency internship opportunities are posted and students submit applications, upload resumes and identify preferred internships. Based on the preferred candidate profile submitted by the agencies, the Department of Civil Service provides agencies with a list of qualified candidates to be considered for appointment.