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Information Technology (IT) Assistant (ID: 109066) for Fall 2022


Department of Civil Service

Swan Street Building, Core 1, Room 2117
Albany , NY 12239
E-Mail: jeffrey.doring@cs.ny.gov
Phone: (518) 549-1349

Division/Unit: Strategic Planning and Innovation


Proposal Information


The IT assistant will assist the IT liaison with managing the agencies technology infrastructure.
The duties of this position include:
* Submitting ITSM service tickets and managing requests from agency staff.
* Assist with management of agency equipment and other IT resources.
* Assist the agency IT liaison with troubleshooting and researching solutions for agency IT related issues.



Computer and Information Technology




Internship Areas: Communications/Public Relations, Information Technology

Logistical Information

Payment? Paid

Number of Hours: 30 or more

Location: Albany

Number of Interns Needed: 1

Desired Candidate Profile

Preferred Standing Junior

Minimum Standing: Sophomore

Degree Concentrations: Agricultural Studies, Architecture, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Construction Technology, Counseling, Criminal Justice/Homeland Security, Cultural Studies, Education Studies, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Financial Studies, Health Services, Hospitality Services, Human Resources, Human Services, Information Technology, Language Studies, Legal Studies, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Mechanic and Repair Technologies, Natural Science, Nursing, Nutritional Studies, Pharmaceutical Studies, Philosophy/Religious Studies, Physical Science, Psychology/Psychiatry, Public Administration, Public Health, Recreational Studies, Social Science, Social Work, Supply Chain Management, Visual/Performing Arts