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Citizen Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) (ID: 108985) for Summer 2022


Dept of Environmental Conservation

224 Midler Park Drive
Syracuse , NY 13204
E-Mail: stephanie.june@dec.ny.gov

Division/Unit: Water/Lake Monitoring & Assessment


Web Site: www.dec.ny.gov(New Window)


School Affiliation


Proposal Information


This position will fulfill office and laboratory water quality program needs for the NYSDEC's Lake Monitoring and Assessment Section, Citizen Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) in partnership with the NY Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA) and the Upstate Freshwater Institute in Syracuse, NY.
* Conduct all work at Upstate Freshwater Institute (UFI) in Syracuse and/or the NY Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA) office in Lafayette
* Enter CSLAP field data into the NYSDEC database
* Enter harmful algal bloom (HAB) report information, including geolocational data, bloom extent, summary of visual descriptions, sample ID, and other field information, into survey123 forms for uploading into the NYSDEC databases
* Scan and transmit paper HABs forms periodically to HABs reporting staff at NYSDEC and other partner organizations
* Assist Upstate Freshwater Institute (UFI) in sample processing, sample accessioning and check in, data entry, and other laboratory and database procedures to facilitate CSLAP activities
* Support transport of HABs sampling supplies, including paperwork, sample kits, and instructional materials
* Contact CSLAP samplers for follow up on QA issues identified by NYSFOLA and Upstate Freshwater Institute (UFI)
* Complete a short report (2-4 pages) about their experience that can help guide others in pursuit of a meaningful internship as well as help NYSDEC evaluate its intern program.
* Conduct oneself in a professional manner that reflects positively on SUNY ESF and NYSDEC



MS Office & Excel

Collecting field water quality samples

Organized and thorough

Knowledge of freshwater lake ecosystems

Water quality monitoring projects


Internship Areas: Engineering, Environmental Conservation, Scientific Research

Logistical Information

Payment? Paid

Number of Hours: 30 or more

Location: Onondaga

Number of Interns Needed: 1

Desired Candidate Profile

Preferred Standing Junior

Minimum Standing: Sophomore

Degree Concentrations: Environmental Studies, Natural Science