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Division of Human Rights (ID: 106072) for Spring 2018


Division of Human Rights

163 W. 125th Street, 4th floor
Hempstead , NY 10027



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Proposal Information


Under the supervision of DHR investigators at regional offices throughout the state, interns will experience how DHR investigates complaints. This experience will encompass exposure to assisting in intake, case analysis, document requests and reviews, witness interviews, and drafting investigation reports. Interns will have the added opportunity to observe conferences and hearings in most regional offices.



Intake of cases

Document requests & reviews

Drafting investigative reports

case analysis

witness interview


Internship Areas: Criminal Justice/Corrections, Investigations, Legal Specialties

Logistical Information

Payment? Unpaid

Number of Hours: 20 - 30

Location: New York

Number of Interns Needed: 4

Desired Candidate Profile

Preferred Standing 1st Year Law Student

Minimum Standing: Junior

Degree Concentrations: Criminal Justice/Homeland Security, Legal Studies, Liberal Arts