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Onsite Consultation Program (ID: 105750) for Fall 2017


Department of Labor

State Office Campus Building 12
Albany , NY 12240

Division/Unit: Division of Safety and Health


Web Site: http://www.labor.ny.gov(New Window)


Proposal Information


The intern would split her/his time between field work and the office. Field work is conducted in manufacturing facilities throughout WNY and requires a full day commitment one day a week. The office is in downtown Buffalo. An open floor plan is shared with 3 other DOL divisions. Office commitment is flexible. Parking: limited. Bus: excellent.

The intern would initially accompany the Sr. Industrial Hygienist in taking exposure monitoring data and direct observations at workplaces in Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua and/or Cattaraugus Counties (1-2 site visits per week) with a focus on preparation, sampling, and results analysis. Once a worksite with overexposure to a hazardous environmental agent is identified, the intern would research the health effects of the agent, methods of abatement, and OSHA standards. The intern would assist the Sr. IH in presenting abatement options, both verbally and written, to the employer. The intern is expected to propose two abatement plans, one for noise and one for an air contaminant identified during the field work.

Learning objectives:
1. Describe the direct & indirect human, ecological & safety effects of major environmental & occupational agents.
2. Describe federal & state regulatory programs, guidelines & authorities that control environmental health issues.
3. Specify current environmental risk assessment methods.
4. Specify approaches to assess, prevent & control environmental hazards that pose risks to human health & safety.
5. Explain the general mechanisms of toxicity in eliciting a toxic response to various environmental exposures.
6. Discuss various risk management & risk communication approaches in relation to environmental justice and equity.
7. Develop a testable model of environmental insult

Required - College chemistry up to Organic Chemistry 2, including laboratory sections for all chemistry classes
AND any combination of 9 credits in the following: Public Health, Environmental Sciences, Safety Sciences

Intern will need a valid driver's license and access to a vehicle

*Please include writing sample*



College Chemistry - up to Org Chem 2

Laboratory skills

Public Health

Environmental Sciences

Safety Sciences


Internship Areas: Environmental Conservation, Health Services, Health/Nutritional Services, Human Services

Logistical Information

Payment? Unpaid

Number of Hours: 20 - 30

Location: Erie

Number of Interns Needed: 1

Desired Candidate Profile

Preferred Standing Junior

Minimum Standing: Junior

Degree Concentrations: Environmental Studies, Physical Science, Public Health